A brilliant range of Sausages, Antipasti and Bacon from the award winning Porkus from Todmorden. 

At Porcus we look after over 120 pigs at any one time – all free range, truly outdoor living, native breeds. They breath fresh air and walk on real ground, the ground we call our farm in the Pennines.


If they are under the weather we go the extra mile to care for them. That extra care is stronger than any drugs. There is no need to blanket medicate like the industrial scale pig units do – our animals don’t live on top of each other in dark cramped barns – they live in open spaces, eat good varied food and are slow grown to allow the development of that fantastic flavour accredited to best reared meat that you have come to expect from us.


‘Doing in private what you say you do in public’ – is more than words. Porcus is about quality, honesty and provenance. Our understanding of these terms can be summed up as not just about knowing the ‘source’ or ‘origin’ but also the method, the journey and the ethos of turning the raw materials into the product on offer.


A simple formula but it is our key to giving them a good life. We care because, as livestock farmers, we will eventually turn them from living beings to food for our tables.

please note Porkus only deliver on a Thursday in small amounts so some items maybe for in shop sales only.

you may call the shop to add onto your online shop if the products are in shop sales only.  

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